29 Apr 2013

Car Accidents in Manhattan, KS

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Car accidents will happen.  In fact they’re so common that almost everyone will either be in one, or know someone who is in a car accident in their lifetime.

When you’ve been in a car accident that occurred due to another person’s negligence, there are certain things you should do to protect your rights. If someone runs a stop light, crashes into you and causes you to go to the hospital, that is called a personal injury.

There are numerous kinds of personal injury that range in severity from simple bruising to traumatic brain injury.  You can recover for these types of injuries especially when you’ve missed work or have suffered some level of disability as a result of the car accident.  Sometimes insurance companies want to get a statement from the parties to shield themselves from liability for damages.  If you’ve been in a car accident in the Manhattan, KS area be sure not to sign anything from the insurance company before speaking with a car accident attorney in the Manhattan, KS area.

When you’re confronted with a vehicular accident that wasn’t your fault and find yourself with a personal injury and mounting medical bills, it’s important to contact a local Manhattan, KS car accident attorney that can help you get the compensation you deserve.


* Hiring an attorney is a complex and important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements and you should consider your options to find an attorney right for you. This is not legal advice but simply information offered by  Blake Robinson Attorney at Law in Manhattan, KS. 


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