04 Dec 2012

Manhattan, KS Criminal Defense Attorney – Personalized Representation

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Criminal charges in Manhattan Municipal Court or Riley County District Court are not do-it-yourself projects. A Criminal Defense Attorney will be able to help prepare you and your case for the best possible outcome.

There are a number of steps that must be taken in order to fully prepare for defending a criminal case.  It won’t be enough to just go in front of the judge and explain what happened and why you shouldn’t be convicted of the crime charged.   If you want a chance to do that, you will have to have a trial and you will have to testify.  Unfortunately you will likely be testifying against a police officer who made a report of the alleged crime shortly after the arrest or citation was made.  This means that the Riley County Police Department officer will have things in front of him or her that will refresh their recollection of the event and their testimony will likely carry more weight than yours.

It’s not always right, but that’s often the way it is.  Luckily, there are ways to prepare your case so that you will have a fighting chance.

Of the things you can do in order to fully prepare for a criminal defense trial, many are not obvious.  A criminal defense attorney with experience evaluating, trying, and defending criminal charges in Riley County and Manhattan, KS will give you your best shot.  Contact our Manhattan, KS law office for a no-cost consultation.  At our new downtown Manhattan location, our staff will give you the personalized representation you deserve.  When you call, you’ll talk directly to a Manhattan, KS attorney who regularly practices in Manhattan, KS, Junction City, KS, and Pottawatomie County.
This is not legal advice but simply a blog written by the folks over at  Blake Robinson Attorney at Law in Manhattan, KS for information purposes only.


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