10 Sep 2013

Manhattan Municipal Court Expungements

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An expungement in Manhattan Municipal Court is a way you request that your record be cleared of a conviction or multiple convictions stemming from the same case number. As of October 1, 2013 a $60 fee will be charged to file an expungement through the Manhattan Municipal Court.  Previous to October 1, 2013 costs of an expungement in the Manhattan Municipal Court has been free.

Before contacting a Kansas attorney for more information on the proper course of action to file for an expungement, you will need to gather some information to assist in the process. For the list of information as well as more information on expungements, please see our blog entries on Geary County Expungement and Junction City Expungement.

Once a Kansas expungement attorney has this information they can help you obtain a fresh start by expunging your old charges and convictions. For more information and a free consultation, contact a Kansas Expungement Attorney in the Manhattan, Kansas area.


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