Country Stampede 2015

It’s that time of year when the weather gets hot and the Tuttle Creek River Pond campgrounds start to get a little crazy.  It’s Country Stampede time in Manhattan, Kansas.  Country music will be center stage for the entire Country Stampede weekend while more than 30,000 people camp out, party, and over-consume. The party atmosphere.. read more →

Manhattan Municipal Court Expungements

An expungement in Manhattan Municipal Court is a way you request that your record be cleared of a conviction or multiple convictions stemming from the same case number. As of October 1, 2013 a $60 fee will be charged to file an expungement through the Manhattan Municipal Court.  Previous to October 1, 2013 costs of.. read more →

Expungements in Manhattan, KS

In Manhattan, KS, there are two court’s of law where you may have old convictions: 1. The Riley County District Court, and; 2. The Manhattan Municipal Court. While the differences between the courts are important if you are attempting to get an expungement of old convictions in either court, the requirements will be very similar… read more →

Minor in Consumption (MIC) at Country Stampede

With Country Stampede right around the corner, there are some things everyone should know to protect themselves and their records while still enjoying the concert. If you happen to receive a “Minor in Consumption” in the State of Kansas, during Country Stampede, or any time in the year, it is important to know exactly what.. read more →

Expungements in Geary County, KS

As mentioned in other posts about Expungements in Kansas, an expungement is a way to request the State of Kansas to cleanse your record as to on particular conviction or numerous convictions that stem from the same case number. Before you contact an expungment attorney for your Geary County or Junction City expungement, you should.. read more →

Manhattan, KS Criminal Defense Attorney – Personalized Representation

Criminal charges in Manhattan Municipal Court or Riley County District Court are not do-it-yourself projects. A Criminal Defense Attorney will be able to help prepare you and your case for the best possible outcome. There are a number of steps that must be taken in order to fully prepare for defending a criminal case.  It.. read more →