Manhattan Municipal Court DUI Charges

Picking up a DUI in Manhattan, Kansas will typically result in a citation and order to appear at the Manhattan Municipal Court.  The first time you are ordered to appear is aptly named “first appearance” or “initial appearance.”  At this hearing you will have three options.  Those three options are: 1. Plead Guilty, 2. Plead.. read more →

Bond out of Riley County Jail

When you are arrested the first thing typically on your mind is bond and how to bond out.   Going to any jail, including the Riley County Jail, is an uncomfortable experience and usually once you’re there you want to get out as soon as possible. Unless you have a large amount of liquid cash sitting.. read more →

Car Accidents in Manhattan, KS

Car accidents will happen.  In fact they’re so common that almost everyone will either be in one, or know someone who is in a car accident in their lifetime. When you’ve been in a car accident that occurred due to another person’s negligence, there are certain things you should do to protect your rights. If.. read more →